Journalist Stan Goodenough: Direct from Israel
BENDIGO Tuesday 2nd April 2:30 pm 
237 High St Church
Stan Goodenough is an evangelical journalist, originally from South Africa. He and wife Francesca are permanent residents of the State of Israel and have seven Jerusalem-born children. Their three oldest have served in the IDF & are Israeli citizens. Stan has worked in Israel as a political reporter, commentator and as a tour guide.

During the holocaust, nation after nation refused to give Jews a place of refuge. Will the nations again abandon the Jewish people?
This week the US did not support Israel in the UN.
Will Australia abandon the Jewish people?

Stan Goodenough’s thought-provoking message will challenge the role of Australia in the future of Israel. He writes: ”The legendary ANZAC Light Horse in WW1 opened the way for the rebirth of Israel 75 years ago. This heralded a new chapter for the Jews and for mankind.

On October 7, everything changed.
Israel is fighting for her survival. Jews in Australia are afraid. Canberra’s response prior to, and after the Oct 7th attack, has advanced Australia deeper into the near-universal alliance of anti-Israel states. For many nations, the handwriting is on the wall as they harden their positions on a two state solution and as Jew-hatred flares on their streets. What about Australia? Will “the Great Southland” take a stand for truth and justice?”

Discover what can you do to make a difference at this time.


- yes its straight after Easter...but this is a vital message, for a critical time!

Stan Goodenough
2:30 pm Tuesday 2nd April 

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