Throne-Room Worship - Finishing Anointing

Saturday 30th March 1:00 pm  Zoom and High St Church

 ISRAEL MUST  FINISH THE TASK WITH HAMAS! DO YOU ALSO NEED A  FINISHING ANOINTING?  As we pray for Israel, there are lessons for us too.

In Bendigo, much is happening over Easter. There is a complete Bible-reading marathon, a play called "The Way of the Cross", multiple evangelism thrusts, our worship and intercession watches, and completing the weekend with the visit to Bendigo of Stan Goodenough from Israel. 

The spiritual war is intense this weekend as the dragon winds through the city on Sunday.Throne-room worship this month is vital in the spiritual war, to enforce the victory of the blood of Jesus over the dragon and to intercede for Israel at this critical time.  

PASSOVER CELEBRATION IS Monday 22nd APRIL (quite separate from Easter this year).

As teh Esther fast of Purim has jsut completed, it is a time we are praying for divine reversal. Israel must complete the task against Hamas, but nations are afraid, and almost in a frenzy with intimidation. As we come together in worship and intercession, we praying for a finishing anointing for Israel. Yet many of us also need this finishing anointing - to breakthrough impossible situations, things we may have been contending for a long time.

Join us as we exalt Jesus across the region this Easter, and as we intercede for Israel. 

Hear what the Lord is saying to His church? 

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