Healing and Wholeness

August 31, 2022
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Healing and Wholeness

Line of Demarcation

There has been a shift in the heavenlies. Battle lines have been drawn in the spirit realm. These lines of demarcation are not based upon geographical locations, nationality or language but upon spiritual truths of faith. The Word of God is the plumbline.
November 20, 2020
stoning prophets
Healing and Wholeness

Don't Stone the Prophets

When the reality of life appears to contradict what God has said and promised; how do we respond? Do we hold God’s word, reject His word, seek clarification, or blame the prophets for being ‘wrong’?2020 has tested all of society—including the Church. It has…
June 26, 2019
Miraculous Election Church Step Up
Healing and Wholeness

Miraculous Election - Now What?

Against all odds, Scott Morrison won the 2019 Australian election. He called it a “miracle”! As experts scratched their heads, what they didn’t realise, the miracle did not occur in a vacuum! Across Australia, thousands of Christians united to pray for a…

Biblical Reasons Why Australia Keeps Changing PM

Healing and Wholeness
7 Prime Ministers 4 blog
You may be shocked to discover the Bible addresses why Australia keeps changing Prime…

Joy Gives Strength in Times of Loss

Healing and Wholeness
Joy is not only a fruit of the Spirit, joy is also a specific anointing to strengthen us…

SSM Plebiscite

Healing and Wholeness
3.Garden Gethsemane cropped smalljpg
To all members, adherents and friends of Tabernacle of David (Bendigo), the vote in…

Witchcraft: The Enemy Within

Healing and Wholeness
Rowena gates of hell
As the church we face opposition to fulfilling our role and commission. This opposition…

Love is Like Postcode: 3550

Healing and Wholeness
I love the way the Lord gets our attention to speak truths. Recently the Lord spoke to me…

Does Church Need Heart Surgery?

Healing and Wholeness
In the natural heart disease is one of the biggest killers of mankind, epseically in…

Fatherlessness Affects Worship

Healing and Wholeness
How many Christian parents have been faced with the heart wrenching situation of children…

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