Saturday 30th September

Yom Kippur was about the purification of the  Tabernacle and then the Temple. 

Our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. The Lord is calling us to cleanse His temple - individually and corporately. 

Fresh Oil of the Spirit The Bride needs to ensure her Lamps are constantly filled with oil.

Farewell We will pray for the team leaving for Israel and the team staying at home. We are decreeing a shift in Israel and the nations - especially here in Australia. Decree reformation and the spiritual "charge" as we celebrate the 500 year anniversary of the reformation and teh 100 year anniversary since the ANZACS overcame the Ottoman Turks. 

Tribe of Benjamin Final gold coin offering. We are taking this offering to Israel to donate to ministries there. 
The tribe of Benamin were warriors, and they were charged to guard the Ark.The Lord is calling forth spiritual warriors to guard and facilitae the holy places of His Presence. 

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Shabbat 25th & 26th August

Friday 25th 6 pm Shabbat Meal (RSVP: Please msg us if coming for the shared meal)

Glen Rowbotham from Daylesford Prayer House will share about the exciting new ANZAC prayer house opening at Mt Carmel, Israel. Through the evening we will share commuion and Worship Watch. 

Saturday 26th 1 pm - FIRE OF GOD

Monthly TOD regional throne-room worship and intercession. Many praying for revival fire. What does this really mean? 
Equipping the Body of Mesiah to flow in the gifts and to discern 

GOLD COIN offering as we continue to pray for Israel and Church according to bessing of the 12 tribes: this month JOSEPH
The offering collected over the last 12 months will be distributed in Israel this October. 

Trip to Israel 2017

In under 6 weeks we leave fro sirael to worship trhough the land. The first two weeks we will be with our brethren from the Pacific natins to "Welcome the King of Glory" and for Bridal Worship.

Then we will be on tour "From Saul to David" It is an historical and strategic time in history as so many anniversaries converge: 500 years since the Reformation and 100 years since Balfour Declaration and ANZAC Beersheva charge.

This is a worship - intercession tour "from Dan to Beersehva" to prophesy governmental shifts within Israel and the Church. 

Tour is led by Ruth Webb and the team from Tabernacle of David (Bendigo) in conjunction with Karen Dunham and Living Bread International Church…

This tour is recommended for seasoned intercessors who love to worship in the throne-room and are more concerned with decreeing than sight-seeing!

If you woudl like to join us you need to act fast!

Brochure  pdfTOD_IS_Brochure_OutsideFsm-4.pdf248.82 KB pdfTOD_IS_Brochure_Inside_newFsm-2.pdf133.06 KB

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The restoration of the Tabernacle of David is prophecy being fulfilled. Restoration began when Peter first ministered to the Gentiles. The Jewish Apostles were grappling with the concept that the Gospel was also for the Gentiles.

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