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GRUMBLE FAST: 40-Day Gratitude Feast

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Need practical help to overcome negative thinking in this challenging season? 
This book provides daily strategic help for forty days. Daily readings are short bite sized and managable to busy people. 

  • Daily Scripture focus 
  • Daily prayer related to the topic
  • Daily activation related to the topic.
  • Embark on this 40 day fast and you will join many others who have discvoered powerful breakthroughs.  

The author shares, ‘Whenever I mention the “Grumble Fast”, most respond with a nervous laugh. Yes, grumbling is human nature! But in the end-times, it will shackle us to increasing darkness and demonic defeat.’

Holy Spirit is calling us higher to worship in the Throne room. How far worship warriors rise into glory realms will be proportional to their victory over grumbling. In the year and decade of pey, (the Hebrew word for mouth), our mouths need to be clean to boldly proclaim His Word!

When we grumble:

We have essentially forgotten God’s past miracles;

Grumbling hinders our Messiah King;

Jezebel and Leviathan are active and empowered;

We may even be destroying relationships, sleep, and health.

Do the Scriptural Grumble Fast for 40 days to:

  • Defeat habitual grumbling;
  • Develop consistent gratitude;
  • Speak heaven’s language and create heaven’s atmosphere;
  • Invite El Shaddai into your circumstances;
  • Outwit end-time traps—Jezebel and Leviathan;
  • Enter your destiny;
  • Position your heart to worship in the Glory!

READ FREE CHAPTER  NOW: "Gratitude and End-time Survival"

This chapter explains why grumbling will sink you in the End-Times! And provides some essential keys to help you.


Yes it is a forty day fast. But we have given you two bonus days.


Some critical Biblical fasts are 40 days - to breaktrhough stongholds.

In the natural:   

  • x 7 repeitions establish pathways in the brain.
  • in 21 days a habit is formed
  • in 42 days a lifestyle is established

This book helps you to develop a HABIT of PRAISE and gratitude. 

This fast helps you to breakthough stongholds of the mind - and build faith and hope. 



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