25/11 Throne-room Worship

Saturday 25th November 1:00 pm Last Saturday throne-room worship day for 2023
On zoom and High st Church

We are in a season of war - in the natural across Israel and her neighbours, also  spiritually across the nations. 

A time of volatility of war, accusations, misinformation, distress, darkness, and chaos - surely the Lord is shaking everything that can be shaken...Only the Glory of God sets things in order.  Paul told us to consider the goodness and severity of God. (Romans 11:22) We all want the glory wave of the Lord to break over us. What if it has started - and is exposing horrid things in governments and churches alike? The light of the Lord is going deep into our hearts. 

In a few weeks time it is Hanukkah, a time when light overcomes darkness! A miracle of light after the desecration in the holy place.
In this season let us allow His light to penetrate our hearts, as well as civilisation - that His glory may shine on us and through us.  
Replays to our previous meetings with Merrilyn Billing are now availble on ou Youtube channel 

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The restoration of the Tabernacle of David is prophecy being fulfilled. Restoration began when Peter first ministered to the Gentiles. The Jewish Apostles were grappling with the concept that the Gospel was also for the Gentiles.

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