As Victoria votes this week - we will be positioned in worship and intercession before the throne of grace. Join us on Saturday 26th Nov 1 pm High St Church, Bendigo OR on zoom

In recent weeks, in answer to the prayer of the saints, so much corruption has been exposed. Thank you to those interstate and overseas who have been standing with us interceding for Victoria. 

As we have been declaring over and over - "Victorious Victoria!" 

Last month as Bruce and Cheryl joined us in Bendigo, it was a powerful time of open heavens, decrees and shifting. 
A powerful prophetic song was released (see below for Youtube link to the song): "Not by power, nor by mighty, but by My Spirit says the Lord. 

After releasing the Jehu anointing, Bruce reminded us to watch the headlines after such an intentional and corporate prayer and worship 'strike'. Throughout the weekend., Cheryl kept identifying the GOLD in the GOD's PEOPLE.

Immediately after Bruce and Cheryl left Bendigo the Melbourne cup was run. The next day the Herald Sun had the headline 'GOLD RUSH'...exactly what we have been proclaiming the days before. ( We are not into horse racing...but the Lord sometimes speaks or confirms through such national events!)
Where Bendigo and Ballarat are renown for physical gold rush, the Lord has been speaking for two decades about a spiritual GOLD RUSH!

There were also some unusual occurrences were some horses didn't finish the race, or struggled to finish. Prophetically horses can be a metaphor of 'men'. The Lord began to show us that some evil forces in Victoria will not finish, and or, will struggle to finish their race! 

This Saturday as we gather to worship we will;

  • Exalt the name of Jesus above all unrighteousness.
  • Enforce the words the Lord has given thus far.
  • Release anointed sound over Victoria. Newly anointed David was called to play the harp over Saul to bring relief from a distressing spirit. Anointed sounds of God's people bowing before Him in worship, bring relief from the distressing spirit. The Lord is calling us to do this as Victoria votes this weekend. 

If you missed our time with Bruce and Cheryl Lindley - the session of strategy to pray for Victoria - is now up on our YouTube channel. Watch the video or pray with understanding.



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