Houses of Worship to Host the Glory


Join us this Saturday @ 1 pm  at High St Church or FB live

 Be encouraged. There is more with us than there is with them!

Lyle Shelton (Family First) – interviewed Canberra Declaration: Victoria Election is one of most critical elections in our nations history!” Yet this week the Lord said to us. He has His secret weapons!

This weeks meeting will be important to re-focus, align with heaven and release His weapons! 

Major shifts are taking place. 
From the midst of great shaking - greater glory is being released! 
The Lord is preparing HOUSES OF WORSHIP to HOST THE GLORY! Children singing to terrify the enemy!
Justice is starting to trickle... 
it's a new day for the ekklesia...

What was once 'concepts to learn', are fast becoming reality to function in!
From prophetic concept to walking in its fulfilment...
Things previously spoken about ...prophetic acts that have been done...NOW is the time - to walk in these...see them come into the earth realm.
RE-DEFINING THE CHURCH [New Wineskin - Ekkelsia]
ANGELS WITH DRAWN SWORDS – CELESTIAL WARFARE: as heaven and earth contend GIANTS of our day.

Listen to the the news and you would think the church is dividing further. In the midst of chaos the LORD is causing His ekklesia to arise. Anglicans in Australia are hurting after a split over marriage practices - with similar issues and hurts like the Uniting Church experienced many years ago. Some are swayed by emotions, some hold steadfastly to the Word. But in the midst of shaking, the Lord is establishing His ekklesia with a new mindset, and new assignments for this hour - tot release His Glory!

Many things that were just concepts, are fast becoming the new reality the ekklesia are stepping into. What was once a paradigm shift for our mindsets - is fast becoming NOW. 

  • Major dream re Victoria as we approach election. The Lord gave Ruth a key dream to give understanding of how to pray, decree and release the high praises - for the sake of the children, our seed and the next generations. 
  • Celestial Warfare  & Roar of the Saints         

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The restoration of the Tabernacle of David is prophecy being fulfilled. Restoration began when Peter first ministered to the Gentiles. The Jewish Apostles were grappling with the concept that the Gospel was also for the Gentiles.

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