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King David was the first to welcome the King of Glory when he brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem. An extravagant worshipper, David valued the Presence of God—for himself and for the nation of Israel. As the Ark entered into Jerusalem, appointed psalmists accompanied it with prophetic songs, shofars, cymbals and harps— they sang Psalm 24!

The Church is in a new season—a glory season! Passionate worshippers and psalmists again prepare to “Welcome the King of Glory”. 

“Wake up, you living gateways! Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny! Welcome the Glory-King who is about to come through you!  ...You ask, “Who is this Glory-King?” He’s the Lord of Victory, armed and ready for battle, the Mighty One, invincible Commander of heaven’s hosts! Yes, He is the Glory-King!” (Psalm 24:7-10 TPT)

Yeshua golden gate

King David was the first to welcome the King of Glory when he brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem. An extravagant worshipper, David valued the Presence of God—for himself and for the nation of Israel. As the Ark entered into Jerusalem, appointed psalmists accompanied it with prophetic songs, shofars, cymbals and harps— they sang Psalm 24!

The Church is in a new season—a glory season! Passionate worshippers and psalmists again prepare to “Welcome the King of Glory”. Prophet psalmists are beginning to release prophetic songs on the earth. The invitation and exhortation to the Body of Messiah is to join your voice “to the orchestra of praise”, (Psa 148:13 TPT) and declare, “the earth belongs to the Lord.”

Planet earth is about to experience a wave full of God’s glory. We are not searching for the physical Ark like Indiana Jones, but rather an encounter in the Spirit realm. Anointed sounds are a part of the glory. These sounds peal out the new season. Since 2014 the Lord has had us ringing a “glory bell” calling the nations to be ready and in position for His glory. These sounds encourage worshippers to arise. Engage your voices, let your feet dance; lift high the banner of the Lord. Decree judgements and victory over His enemies.

We are on the precipice of something big. Significant shifts have already taken place in the world and the Church. The earth groans and humanity cries out. All can sense an expectancy and tension in the air. Are we due for a cataclysmic event like a world war or a volcano like Krakatoa? Some people perceive an apocalyptic event while others see revival and reformationl! Can both be right?

Isaiah inspires us with a pertinent word for this season. In the midst of great darkness, “the Lord will arise upon you, and His glory will be seen upon you.” (Isaiah 60:2) Even Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness...” (Tale of Two Cities)

There are two sides to God's glory—goodness and severity! A wave of His Glory will witness both miracles and judgement. 

Exposure and healing. It is both scary and wonderful.

On the one hand, darkness seeks to destabilize and undermine nations. Its program is to displace elected leaders through political upheaval and chaos and to erode social cohesion through terror, persecution, moral decay, social engineering, lies, and deception. Yet, at the same time, God is doing extraordinary things across the globe.

While Christian persecution is at an all-time high, at the same time, the Church is growing faster than ever in the Middle East. Many in Muslim nations are having supernatural encounters with Yeshua. Across the globe, prayer and worship gatherings are mushrooming. While progress in the West seems much slower than we would like, but the Church is awakening.

Recently we had a ‘suddenly’ of God. One person became free from major New Age demons. Then a young man, released from prison one day, stumbled into worship watch the next. Saved, baptised, filled with the Spirit, and within weeks is sprinting with God!

Many have seen visions of the glory wave travelling from the ends of the earth all the way back to Jerusalem. Many faithful believers have prayed, fasted, travailed, decreed, worshipped and completed prophetic acts. It is time for the ageless doors of destiny to open. It is time for us to be intentional about the glory. So many times we desire His glory, but yet are not intentional in preparation. It is time to open up the gates to welcome the King of Glory! So what do we need to do to prepare the way for the King of kings to take up His throne?


In Biblical times, governmental and legal transactions took place at the gates of a city. Gates were also places of vulnerability for a city under siege. With these activities in mind, the Bible also equates gates with praise!

In this new season, praise takes on a fresh mantle. Praise is not only to defend when darkness threatens to snuff out our light. In this season, sounds of praise originate from the glory realm. These sounds are akin to an underground earthquake that precedes a tsunami. Glory sounds set off bells and shofars in the Spirit realm—an alarm to wake-up the ancient gates! Sounds from heaven enhance kingdom shifts and affect governments and society. We have seen government decisions and government personnel changed immediately after completing several days of continuous worship.

Ancient gates influence geographic regions, economic and political spheres, culture and family generations. Some gates, like the Jerusalem gates, have been there for millennia. Some ancient gates have been open to God, but many, closed for centuries. It is time to open them to the King of Glory! Some will creak and strain to open, and others will fling open without too much pressure.

Families, cities, and nations embrace the King of Glory—through us! Every time we come into alignment with His plumb line, a gate is opened. Every time we allow Him to cleanse our hands, lips, and hearts, a gate is opened to Him. Every time we bow in humility and worship before Him, a righteous gate is opened. We present ourselves to Him—not to “do” or to “get”, but as a living sacrifice.

When opposition to the King is no longer in our hearts, we can speak to the gates of our family, culture, and nations. We do it little by little and from glory to glory. Every place these ancient gates have rejected God, we call them to turn to the Ancient of Days. Where 'Ancient gates' have already been open, we strengthen them and make the opening wider!

When King David brought the Ark into Jerusalem, they sang Psalm 24. The Psalm is about the crown of the King. And they sang it like a “conversation” or like responsive choirs. A soloist asked, “who can ascend into the hill of the Lord? (v3)” The appointed psalmists and choirs replied, “those who have clean hands” (v 4,5). All Israel responded, "we are that generation that seeks the face of the Lord!" (v6) 

May we again be that generation who will ascend to the mountain of the Lord! May we be the generation that with clean hands and lips, offer high praise. May we be the generation that again sets apart anointed psalmists and ensure they are skilled and trained in the prophetic song. And may we be the generation where every lover of God engages in high praise!

A trap of the modern era where worship teams play great music is that many of God's people do not engage. Rather than using their own voices in praise, they are content to listen to others. This is very tragic. It is great to let beautiful sounds wash over us. But each person must bring his or her offering of praise. Nobody else can worship for you!


We recently produced a triple worship CD. It is called, “Welcome the King of Glory” and provides nearly 3 hours of full on worship.

Since university days some forty years ago, the Lord has been speaking to me about the Ark, a metaphor for His glory. This has been the vision of our entire ministry. While seeking Him for a way to record the many prophetic songs the team has used in the nations, the Holy Spirit gave the title and photo.

The photograph was taken in 2014 while Laurence and I were in Jerusalem for 72 hours of worship at Living Bread Church amidst great persecution in East Jerusalem. In a miraculous “one hour”, around two hundred worshippers from the nations,

managed to worship the King of Glory in front of the Golden Gate. This was a miracle. Sometimes a single worshipper can invoke a riot or stones being thrown. The day before was a “day of rage” in Jerusalem. But this day, there was peace!

The Golden Gate is in front of the Temple Mount and though this gate is currently locked, this is where Yeshua will return. For one hour we loudly proclaimed, sang, worshipped and decreed for Jerusalem and the nations to “Welcome the King of Glory”.

As we began work on the CD, we had a divine appointment with the leaders of the All-Pacific Prayer Assembly. Their direction was to gather in Jerusalem in October 2017 and they also had the theme: "Welcome the King of Glory!"

We had already had been called to worship through Israel during October 2017.  While in Germany in 2014, the Lord had shown us that 2017 was a catalyst year for a new reformation to affect the earth, as it was a year of historical and prophetic convergences.

•    The 500th anniversary of Reformation in Germany—the birth of the Protestant Church.

•    The 100th anniversary since ANZAC charge at Beersheba—the start of the destruction of Ottoman Empire.

•    The 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration that opened the way for Israel to be a nation.


With our new worship CD we have sought to provide a foundation for the people of God to engage in active worship. As the cover says;

“Some recordings are a joy to listen to. Some transport you to that place of contentment. But not this one. This one is different. ‘Welcome King of Glory’ was born out of a cry to help believers across the world to invite Him—into our homes, our workplaces, our gatherings … and our nations.

This triple album has been a...project to encourage God’s people to sing, to love on Him, and to linger with Him. It’s also a call to arise & fight – to activate our God-given position as warriors who are already seated in the heavenly place! This is not an album to listen to. It’s your palm branch to welcome Jesus. This album calls you to sing higher, louder, deeper – and ‘Welcome the King of Glory’! This album puts an instrument in your hand!”

Our triple CD is a full on active worship experience.

  • Disk one has proclamations to the King
  • Disk two is intimate worship.
  • Disk three has prophetic decrees.

You can join your voice with ours as we worship on the recordings. Together let’s fill the darkened spirit realm with the frequencies of His glory. Let us declare to governments and nations that Yeshua is the King above every other king.

As we present ourselves to the Lord, we also decree to our families, cities, and nations that Yeshua is the King of glory!

“He is armed and ready for battle, He is the Mighty One, He is the invincible Commander of heaven’s hosts! Yes, He is the Glory-King!”

Together let us open the gates of praise and “Welcome the King of Glory”!

© 2017 Ruth Webb


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