Healing and Wholeness

August 21, 2017
Healing and Wholeness

SSM Plebiscite

To all members, adherents and friends of Tabernacle of David (Bendigo), the vote in Australia regards same sex marriage is a very serious issue. At a time when Christians are under attack across the globe, it is even more important for our voice to be heard.…
November 03, 2016
Rowena gates of hell
Healing and Wholeness

Witchcraft: The Enemy Within

As the church we face opposition to fulfilling our role and commission. This opposition can come from either within or without. Those doing the opposing from without are those spiritual forces that we sometimes refer to as “powers of darkness” that operate at…

Love is Like Postcode: 3550

Healing and Wholeness
I love the way the Lord gets our attention to speak truths. Recently the Lord spoke to me…

Does Church Need Heart Surgery?

Healing and Wholeness
In the natural heart disease is one of the biggest killers of mankind, epseically in…

Fatherlessness Affects Worship

Healing and Wholeness
How many Christian parents have been faced with the heart wrenching situation of children…

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The restoration of the Tabernacle of David is prophecy being fulfilled. Restoration began when Peter first ministered to the Gentiles. The Jewish Apostles were grappling with the concept that the Gospel was also for the Gentiles.

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