Birthday Celebration 29th July

Saturday 29th July 1 pm We invite you to join us to give honour and thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness over twenty years. We have a line-up of amazing speakers to bless us, and to release impartation and encouragement for the days ahead. 

 We love His Presence above everything. Starting with throne-room worship we come to exalt and glorify His name. Then we will hear fomr our special speakers, build an altar of thanksgiving and hear of the renewed call to be on the wall for the days ahead. 

  • Jenny Hagger: Founder of AHOPFAN
  • Bruce and Cheryl Lindley ARC Global Community,
  • Karen Davis, Kehilat HaCarmel,
  • Shimshon Chaddock, Israel /New Zealand,
  • Anne Hamilton, author Brisbane,
  • And a few Pastors from Bendigo 
  • Please bring two stones, to build an altar of remembrance.
  • And yes, we will have cake! (Some healthy ones!)

If you cant be in Bendigo  - join us online. Please mute as you enter .

Zoom:  Meeting ID: 347 708 7253  Passcode:  TOD123

About Us

The restoration of the Tabernacle of David is prophecy being fulfilled. Restoration began when Peter first ministered to the Gentiles. The Jewish Apostles were grappling with the concept that the Gospel was also for the Gentiles.

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Contact Details: PO BOX 133 EagleHawk VIC 3556