Spirit of Elijah and false prophets today

Saturday 25th March 1pm join us in worship and prayer.

As nations rage, and significant events converge, the Lord is alerting us to watch, be attentive, pray and worship with intentionality. He is releasing the "Spirit of Elijah" upon His body as a restorative force on the earth.

The Lord is raising up Isaiah 62 watchmen who will watch over His covenant purposes for Israel, the Middle East, and the nations.
On Saturday  - from 1 pm
  • In worship, WE  WILL ENTHRONE JESUS AS KING, EXALT HIM ABOVE everyother god and assignment of the enemy, especially against Israel and the Jewish people.  
  • Ruth will speak about the spirit of Elijah for today, with the various false prophets we face today, including the likes of Wagner.  And the timing of this festival at this time of convergence!
At this time of intense turmoil and existential threat to the nation of Israel, the Global Watch is hosting, 'Spirit of Elijah Prophetic Summit' 20-21st April on Mt Carmel. On Saturday we will pray for our reprenstatives attending, and appreciatie your support. 

The city  of Bendigo is probably a small microcosm of what is happening in local governments, and even national governments near you – gone woke and promoting anti Biblical events.  
Bendigo is hosting a month long festival of the composer whose writings inspired Hitler!  

30 years ago, Ruth wrote about  Wagner and "the Ring Cycle", in her first book, "Restoring True Worship". If you have a copy of "Restoring True Worship" the information is found in the chapter on Opera,  p 78-80 

Surely this is a warning to pray against another surge of anti-Semitism from arising, even to the ends of the earth?
If ever there was a time for the church to press into the Lord for Spirit of Elijah according to Malachi 4, it is NOW. 
In 2016 we hosted a worship conference at Ulumbarra theatre called "GLORY OVER DARKNESS".  It is certainly time to reinforce the victory of the worship and combined Passover held in that same theatre! If you attended that worship conference, we encourage you to reinforce what the Lord showed you at that time. 
There are many important convergences starting this week. Keys for prayer 
  • Rosh Chodesh and the beginning of the Jewish New Year, 1 Nisan.  
  • Ramadan, the Persian New Year started on 20 March. 
  • Passover is in the middle of Ramadan.  
  • Easter in Bendigo brings out the longest imperial dragon in the southern hemisphere. Simultaneously, churches in the city are coming together for a play "The Way of the Cross".
  • 24th March - 24th April in Bendigo 'Wagner Festival including Ring Cycle'.  

CALL FOR EVERY TRIBE OF JESUS LOVERS: to link shields in worship and prayer! 



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