Angelic Visitation

Prior to this day we had been tested, sifted and broken. Before teh meeting I creid out to the Lord for His strength and help. As we worshipped the Lord at our meeting in August 2007, the presence of the Lord grew stronger and stronger and stonger.


As the anointing strengthened we began to sing “ Hallelujah”- a simple but most beautiful song written by Irene Swan from T.O.D. in Malaysia. When Irene wrote the song she had been at meetings in Sydney, and was worshipping the Lord back at the motel. She tells me she heard angels singing as she wrote the song. Since our meeting, I believe it is a song that began in heaven and that heaven respond to.

On this day in August we had sung the song through a couple of times when all of a sudden it was like the heavenly hosts invaded the room. Suddenly the room was filled with a sound that had not been there before; it sounded like there were multitudes singing. At that time there had been many winter flus and colds “bugs” around and some of our voices were quite “croaky”. Despite this we had all been giving all that we had in worshipping the Lord, but now we were empowered from on high. There were only a handful of us becuase of the sifting and purging, yet now it sounded like hundreds and hundreds of voices singing even though there were just a handful of us. Personally I can only describe it as though I was able to suddenly sing with double the strength normally possible.

And it was like we couldn’t stop singing as there was wave after wave of God’s glory filling the place. The worship leaders “textbook” went out the window as the waves just kept rolling in and very person in the room kept singing and singing with more and more gusto! It was a moment of singing as ONE. This one sound was huge. Wow!

Later an intercessor said she saw three angels assigned to each person. Another person saw myriads of angels and the hosts of heaven. Everyone present heard and was aware of the presence of the angelic hosts. It was the most awesome sound I can recall.


          An intercessor who attends regularly and  who travels 100 kms to get to the meetings said: “what a wonderful day on Saturday…you know everyday after "our Saturday's" life is wonderful, work is great, teaching Sunday school is great, it is like I have the presence of God surrounding me in His fullest, and the difference is remarkable.”

         A “seeker” who is not yet in relationship with Jesus came and was so touched: “The most beautiful songs I have ever heard. But it was not just the songs; the whole experience was peaceful and moving.”

© 2008 Ruth Webb Published from “Praise Alert Autumn 2008”

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