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Gardens of Love Package

Be refreshed!

     Be wowed!

         Be encouraged!

Be refreshed as you listen to piano and orchestra. "Gardens of Love" CD will bring change to the atmosphere around you as the Presence of the Lord becomes more real. 

Be wowed! Watch the stunning photography as you listen to the first track from Garden of Love - "All Your Works". This DVD also contains an interview with Ruth Webb about the making of the CD.

Be encouraged! "Transformed by Love" is a profound prophetic teaching. The love of God is manifested in each of His Four Gardens. Understanding and embracing His love as it cascades over our lives helps us to understand our life journey from salvation and through being transformed and sanctified-from glory to glory. There are significant keys here for you and your family to come into healing and freedom from the various stages and traumas of life.

Kate: krei@bigpond.com on 04-24-2017 02:22 AM
Having reviewed the CD (see separate review), suffice it to say that this package is an excellent and economical way to access the music. The teaching DVD gives a deeper understanding of what is being communicated through the music, and the DVD, with the photographic. visual effects pointing to the creation. adds to this 'feast'.
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