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Salvation and Healing are Always God's Will

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Anne Morrow has been working as a Salvation Army chaplain in northern NSW, Australia.
In teaching "Salvation - Healing Are Always God's Will", Anne shares here own testimony of being rescued and healed from a horrendours marriage of abuse while homeschooling eight children. God's grace is so amazing. And He does not waste any experience! God prepares us for destiny, even trhough all the things we walk through.

In encouraging us to know our unique call, Anne stresses the need to know and hold onto the Word of God. 

Session one begins with some testimonial memories to remind us of how God orchestrates every detail of our lives. The personal testiony it weaved into the teachng about salvation and healing. The Lord is our Healer.

Session two: how to take hold of  the word of God and the victory jesus at the cross, into our bodies and cicumstances to obtain our healing.

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