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Heart of the Psalmist Inc Gardens of Love (Digital Download) Instrumental worship Ruth Webb: piano and orchestra. An intimate musical journey through God's Four .. Product #: MUCDD 305.1 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $20.00 $20.00

Gardens of Love (Digital Download)

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Download the ten mp3 tracks of this Piano and Orchestra recording for instant enjoyment. This recording has been called a masterpiece!
It is a musical journey through God's Four Gardens - where you can experience His love and peace: Eden, Gethsemane, Garden Tomb and the Orchard of Fruit and Spices.

Holy Spirit is calling His Bride to come away to His gardens…to walk, linger, breathe deeply, dwell and enjoy intimacy with Him. Journeying through the four gardens enables us to experience His triumphs and joys as well as identify with His sufferings and the struggle to do “Your will not mine”.

As I surrendered to Him, I began to sense His fragrance; the fragrance of suffering love!” (Song of Solomon 5:5 TPT)
Like the Shulamite Bride in the Song of Solomon, we too can enter into union with  God and burst through into resurrection power! 
Ruth Webb says that “Gardens of Love” is a compilation of songs that reflect her musical and spiritual journey —a journey that began when she was a young child. A journey we believe the Holy Spirit would invite you to join…  

While this is a purely instrumental CD, song lyrics are availble on the CD version which contains a beautifully illustrated booklet. The tracks are suitable to sing to if when that is required or desired. 

Listen to samples:   

Track # 4 Garden Gethsemane https://soundcloud.com/ruthwebb7/04-garden-gesthemene-sample

Track #8 Medley https://soundcloud.com/ruthwebb7/08-jesus-my-precious-lord-sample

Track # 9 Rejoice    https://soundcloud.com/ruthwebb7/10-rejoice-sample


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Tracks on Gardens of Love

Garden of Eden

1. All Your Works

2. Yeshua, Yeshua

3. You're the Great I AM

Garden Gethsemane

4. Garden Gethsemane

5. When I Remember You

Garden Tomb

6. The Message of the Cross / Thine be the Glory / Power in the Blood

7. Looking to Jesus

8. Jesus, My Prescious Lord / Like a River Glorious / My Jesus I Love Thee

Orchard of Fruit and Spices

9. Yeshua Bridgroom King

10. Rejoice

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