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Be Still (CD)

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This recording is the result of a prophetic word given when Ruth Webb (piano) and Prody G (violin) had an instant musical and spiritual repore, just moments after meeting for the first time in Bangkok. While Ruth and Prody are both classical trained musicians, every track on the album is played spontaneously under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 

There are eleven tracks include:
Well-known songs like "The Holy City", "Commune With Me" and "Be Still and Know I AM God" instantly draw the listener in. New songs written by Ruth Webb have been used in worship confernces in Asia, Israel and Australia: " Passion for Your Glory", "Praise Adonai", "Soar on Eagles Wings (This is the Day)" and "Jesus, Name above all Names".

A powerful anointing of peace and healing draws the listener into a place where they can "Be still and know that I AM God". Many attest to the music drawing them instantly into the presence of the Lord.Be Still Prody and Ruth

There are eleven tracks on this CD for your enjoyment and to spend time in God's Presence: ...

  1. Shofar Prelude
  2. Y'shuah
  3. Passion for Your Glory
  4. Commune With Me /I Will Praise Him
  5. Be Still
  6. Soar on Eagles' Wings (This is the Day)
  7. Hallelujah Adonai / In the Secret Place
  8. Rise Up My Love / In the Secret Place
  9. Jesus, Name Above All Names
  10. Holy City
  11. Praise Adonai

"In His Presence BE STILL is a most beautifully anointed CD of music with Ruth Webb on the piano and Prody G on the violin. It is to calm the troubled mind, heal the sick, renew the strength of the weary, bind up the broken hearted, as we indeed Be Still in the Presence of Almighty God. It is music that is always fresh and has not only been a blessing in my life but also to all those to whom I have been able to give a copy. A few weeks ago I was ill with pneumonia and kept this CD playing as Adonai did a miracle of healing in my body." 2011


"...what a wonderful blessing your CD is! I was taken straight into God's throne room to be able to worship Him as I haven't been able to do for a while...It was wonderful to be able to be totally free - released into the worship that God requires." 


"Wow! What a CD! PRAISE THE LORD! Thanks for sending me your precious, precious release of heavenly music. I've been so ministered to. PRAISE THE LORD! I love all the wonderful songs. They are so appropriately put together... It's so peaceful. Splendid!" 


"what a blessing your CD "In His Presence Be Still" has been to me (I have been) very stirred by it. Thank you so much." 


"...Thankyou for releasing the CD in November as we had it playing constantly and it ministered to Mum [who had been a church musician and was in hospice prior to her death]. I found that she had peace when it was playing and it also ministered to me... One day especially she looked like she had make-up on and we realized that it was the presence of the Holy Spirit on her...she looked so peaceful ...."


"We had your CD Be Still playing in my husband's hospital room for the whole week before he died. It brought such peace to the room and the hospital."


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Kate (krei@bigpond.com) on 03-15-2017 07:31 AM
The title of this CD speaks for itself, suggesting the gentle charge to '"be still and know that I am God..." (Ps 46:10). It is an anointed recording with subtle tones that are both soothing and healing. It brings to mind Psalm 23, especially reminiscent of 'lying down in green pastures... beside still waters'. The cadences of sound in the piano and violin take the listener into the throne room to be uplifted by His beautiful presence. A CD to restore hope and refresh the spirit, soul and body!
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