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Be Still (Digital Download)

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You can download the mp3 tracks for immediate enjoyment. Tracks are the same as CD of same name.

This recording resulted from a prophetic word given when Ruth Webb (piano) and Prody G (violin) had an instant musical and spiritual rapport, just moments after meeting for the first time in Bangkok. Every track on the album is played spontaneously under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 

Well-known songs like "The Holy City", "Commune With Me" and "Be Still and Know I AM God" instantly draw the listener in. Some songs written by Ruth Webb have been used in worship confernces in Asia, Israel and Australia: " Passion for Your Glory", "Praise Adonai", "Soar on Eagles Wings (This is the Day)" and "Jesus, Name above all Names".

A powerful anointing of peace and healing draws the listener into a place where they can be still and know the presence of God.

Ruth And Prody
Recording Be Still in Malaysia

There are eleven tracks on this CD for your enjoyment and to spend time in God's Presence: ...

  1. Shofar Prelude
  2. Y'shuah
  3. Passion for Your Glory
  4. Commune With Me /I Will Praise Him
  5. Be Still
  6. Soar on Eagles' Wings (This is the Day)
  7. Hallelujah Adonai / In the Secret Place
  8. Rise Up My Love / In the Secret Place
  9. Jesus, Name Above All Names
  10. Holy City
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