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 Does the Bible prophesy Yeshua's return? Yes!

Yeshua (Jesus) says in Matthew 11:13 that "the Law prophesied".  What did it prophesy?  As a prophetic pattern, the law effectively predicted the time of day and day of the year of Yeshua’s death, within a narrow range of years. Could the Law do the same for the time  of Yeshua’s return? Yes. Without being dogmatic, this book examines the possibility that the Law has done exactly that. 

From Biblical events to present circumstances--from creation to the Rapture to the Great Tribulation - Laurence Webb explores the intracies of preparing for the end-times, current life and death scenarios, and how to choose the right path to eternal life. 

Published by Evangelista Media in Italy

In a season where turmoil has become the norm, many are discussing Bible prophesy and the return of Yeshua.

Without being dogmatic, Laurence Webb’s new book “Are We There Yet?” (AWTY) addresses the subject from two perspectives.

The first half of AWTY deals with history and prophesy. It is not a light read. It is much closer to a text book than a novel. Its content makes it necessary for it to be written in a teaching style rather than a preaching style.

The publisher’s (Evangelista Media, Italy) editor wrote “Author, out of the multiple hundreds of manuscripts I’ve been blessed to edit, yours is the most comprehensive regarding vital statistics and timelines.”

The second half of AWTY is about being equipped to deal with and understand this world and being prepared for what is ahead.

Whether it is the return of Yeshua, or the day of our death, some of the critical questions AWTY considers are “Are we ready?”, “Will all children be raptured?” and “Will all Christians be raptured?” It also deals in detail with the necessity and simplicity of holiness and our need to stand with Israel.

AWTY examines the state of the world and its hatred of Yeshua and His Father. That antichrist hatred is targeting His church and His Kingdom Israel through both secular humanism and fundamentalist Islam which have formed a loose alliance against their common enemy – Yeshua the anointed one.

The foundation of AWTY is Yeshua’s statement that “the law prophesied.” (Matthew11:13) That raises the question “what did it prophesy?” Does the law provide us with a blueprint of history?

As a prophetic pattern, the Law effectively predicted the time of day and the day of the year of Yeshua’s death within a narrow range of years. Could it do the same for the time of Yeshua’s return? AWTY examines the possibility that the Law has done exactly that. While we do not know the exact moment scripture is clear that we will be able to see the day approaching. (Hebrews 10:25)

AWTY defends the status quo in places and radically challenges the status quo in other places. Although it defends a pre-tribulation rapture, it does not present the rapture as an escape from the frequent trials of this life, but rather as a source of hope and comfort in the midst of those trials. AWTY also defends the foundational doctrines of our faith, such as the Trinity and the virgin birth, resurrection and sinless life of Yeshua.

It challenges some traditional beliefs such as Christmas, Easter, Palm Sunday and a Sunday sunrise resurrection.

Although the publisher said that AWTY will be controversial, its aim is not to be dogmatic about a particular view. But for those for whom details are important, it seeks to be thought provoking, and to enlarge awareness and understanding of what the Bible is saying and about what is happening in the world, such as its apparent state of moral free fall.

AWTY goes into detail about the various time frames and periods in Revelation and Daniel and offers explanations for those. It also examines in detail the crucifixion week. AWTY also looks at clues found in Solomon’s Temple and the Tabernacle of Moses.

AWTY began life as a two page discussion paper to be included in Praise Alert about six years ago. Since then it has grown into a decent size book.

Published by Evangelista Media in Italy.

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