Angelic Visitation

Prior to this day we had been tested, sifted and broken. Before teh meeting I creid out to the Lord for His strength and help. As we worshipped the Lord at our meeting in August 2007, the presence of the Lord grew stronger and stronger and stonger.

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Time to Worship in the Holy of Holies

Mention the word “worship” in Australia today and what do you think of? Does your mind go to the descriptions of heavens worship found scattered throughout the book of Revelation? Do you think of it in terms of “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs”? Or perhaps King David’s contribution to worship? Or maybe your mind goes straight to Australia’s contributions from Hillsong, Planet Shakers and the like?

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Jesus (Yeshua) the Jew

Jesus is a Jew.

This fact is something many never consider. Some are shocked by the statement. 

We know of a lady who was brought up Catholic. She was so shocked to discover Jesus is a Jew; she now goes around telling every Jew, “Did you know Jesus is a Jew?” Though not born again herself, and though not realizing she is ministering to every Jew, in her bewilderment she is proclaiming the Jewishness of Jesus!

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The Natural Branches

When we read about the early church in the book of Acts it is not hard to notice the rapid growth and abundance of miracles that were characteristic of the church then and perhaps lament the absence of those things amongst us now.

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Jewish Connection to Miracles

When we read about the early church in the book of Acts it is not hard to notice the rapid growth and abundance of miracles that were characteristic of the church then—and eves lament the scarcity of them now. Perhaps there is another important distinguishing characteristic of the early church we often ignore—the early church was predominantly Jewish

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Why We Stand With Israel

There are good reasons why we as a Christian ministry should stand with Israel. For starters -Jesus is a Jew!

We serve the God of Israel, the Holy One of Israel.

When God chose to redeem mankind, He sent His only begotten Son into a Jewish womb and Jewish family.

If He has attached His name, His reputation, His story and His heart with them; how can we love Him and not love His brethren?

 In a time of increased anti-Semitism, Christians should be the best and most reliable friends of the Jewish nation. 

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Should Pastors Conduct SSM Ceremonies?

Countries legislating for same-sex marriages have created a quandary for Pastors, Christian celebrants, Christian businesses involved in the wedding industry like cake makers—and every believer.  

Recently, while in Israel, the Lord spoke to me in a dream. It contained a serious message for the Church. Like other western countries have done, during October 2017, Australians were asked to “vote” yes, or no, for same sex marriage. Bigotry towards Christians became blatant. Our sports loving country even turned on Margret Court, former Wimbledon champion, now pastor. Friends have spoken of their dilemma to join social media discussion because of family members caught in the lifestyle.

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About Us

The restoration of the Tabernacle of David is prophecy being fulfilled. Restoration began when Peter first ministered to the Gentiles. The Jewish Apostles were grappling with the concept that the Gospel was also for the Gentiles.

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